A4 Tech Mouse Price in Bangladesh

A4Tech Co. is a computer hardware company based in Taiwan. A4Tech was founded in 1987 by Robert Cheng, and it is known for designing and manufacturing peripherals for personal computers. A4Tech also has a subsidiary brand which Bloody Gaming. In 2011, A4Tch launched their secondary gaming brand Bloody Gaming and turned attention to the North American Markets.

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A4Tech Mouse Price List in Bangladesh

Latest A4Tech Mouses Price in Bangladesh
A4Tech Fm10 400 Taka
A4Tech Op-730 300 Taka
A4Tech Op-550 300 Taka
A4Tech Fg10 600 Taka
A4Tech G3-280 500Taka


A4Tech manufactures are mostly meant to be on the more budget-friendly side. But they still try to deliver the best quality that they can for the price so that their consumers can get good value for their money. In terms of mouse A4Tech has both gaming and non-gaming offerings, but their gaming products are featured under their Bloody Gaming Brand.
Coming to the non-gaming side first, A4Tech offers mouses that have the traditional minimalistic look. These mouses don’t at all look too flashy or in the face. A4Tech has both wired and wireless options available, with the wired mouse falling into the OP lineup and the wireless mouse falling into the G3 lineup. These mouses are great for simple productivity like office work and also casual at home use. Their minimalist and straightforward look helps them too fit into office environments just fine.
Coming to their gaming lineup, the Bloody lineup and huge catalog of gaming mice to choose from with quite a few lineups. Their R lineup features for a wireless gaming mouse. These mice mostly feature optical sensors with good wireless performance. Then there is their TL series of mouse, and these are their gaming mouse that features a laser engine sensors and has a really short response time. Their Bloody Gaming’s lineups are huge in number, with a quite feature-packed and a unique look.
A4Tech’s range of gaming and non-gaming mouses are quite competent and reliable for the price. Their Bloody Gaming mouse costs a bit more than their non-gaming mouse.

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