ADATA Power Bank Price in Bangladesh

Adata is a company that is mainly known for hard drives, pen drives, and external memory cards. But besides these, Adata produces some amazing and gorgeous looking power banks too. Adata power banks are excellent in quality and performance. The price range is also reasonable, according to quality and performance.

Battery Capacity

ADATA Power Bank Price List in Bangladesh

Latest ADATA Power Banks Price in Bangladesh
ADATA  P5000 699 Taka
ADATA  P10050 1,390 Taka
ADATA  P10000 995 Taka
ADATA  P12500D 1,584 Taka
ADATA  P20100 2,000 Taka


If you want to buy a power bank within 1500 taka then there you will get a lot of choices from Adata like Adata P10050 power bank. This is a 10050 mAh power bank. This power bank is a small portable package with 2 USB ports, a micro USB port, a power button and 4 led light indicators. Moreover, It costs only 1450 taka. Once you charge full this power bank, you can charge your device 3 times minimum. So if you are looking for such a power bank that can fulfill all your requirements, then you can get this power bank. You will be truly satisfied. In 1500 taka price point you can also get Adata A10050 power bank which is also a 10050 mAh power bank. This is also a good quality power bank.

But if you want more power, then you also have choices from Adata. You can try Adata P12500 power bank. It is a 12500 mAh power bank which has a top-notch build quality. Lithium-ion batteries power it. This power bank has a small screen that shows how much power you have left. This power bank also has 2 USB ports and a micro USB port and a power button. The whole body is made of aluminum. So you don't need to worry about durability. This amazing power bank will cost you around 2300 taka.

There are some good quality power banks like Adata P5000, Adata X7000, Adata D8000L, Adata PV150, etc. These power banks are also very good in quality. So, form these choices pick up the best power bank for you.



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