Anker Speaker Price in Bangladesh

Anker Innovations is a Chinese company, which produces computer and mobile peripherals and was founded in August 2011 by Steven Yang. Anker innovations have five key brands, namely Anker, sound core, EUFY, NEBULA, and ROAV. Anker is the global leader in charging technology, which includes wireless charging, car charging, and many more. Soundcore is the audio brand of Anker, which creates speakers and earphones that spark real emotions. EUFY is for home appliance devices, whereas NEBULA is for smart, portable entertainment devices. ROAV is focused on bringing smart devices for any vehicle.

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Anker Speaker Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Anker Speakers Price in Bangladesh
Anker MINI 2 2900 Taka
Anker SoundCore 2 3900 Taka
Anker SoundCore Flare 5000 Taka


Anker sells its speaker under the Soundcore brand. All of the speakers of Anker are Bluetooth and portable speakers. They have mainly three flagship products named SoundCore sport Bluetooth speaker, SoundCore Bluetooth speaker, and Premium Bluetooth speaker. The speakers of Anker are of the advanced audio system, which will give you more clarity and fidelity. You are going to get enhanced clarity, which will ensure virtually no distortion. Most of the speakers of Anker have a high lead time, and maximum speakers have at least 24-hour playtime. The Bluetooth speakers can cover much more range. The speakers are ultra-portable, and you can move with this very easily.
The pricing of the Anker speaker is very much reasonable. They have set their prices, keeping the customer’s wants and capacity into consideration. If we compare the features with the price, then it’s a win-win game. The speakers of Anker are affordable too. Most of the speaker’s price ranges from $35-$70. The quality of the speaker is very high, and you can also get different colors of speakers from Anker. So if we do a thorough analysis, we can surely say that the pricing Anker has set, absolutely reasonable, and we must have at least a product from Anker.

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