AOSON Tab Price in Bangladesh

Aoson is a brand of a company named Shenzhen Luckystar digital technology co. Ltd. This company has been doing business both in the domestic and international markets for a long time. Aoson has earned a good name and fame by delivering superior value to the customers.

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AOSON Tab Price List in Bangladesh

Latest AOSON Tabs  Price in Bangladesh
Aoson M706T 8,499 Taka
Aoson R16 14,499 Taka
Aoson R18 14,500 Taka


They have been providing quality products and unique ones since their inception. The company has a well-recognized research and development team, which helps the brand to create innovative, new products and uphold their position in the industry.

The company's principle is to keep the customers in the center and serve them properly and to fulfill their needs to the fullest. The unique and innovative products that Aoson manufacture and sells have attracted digital enthusiasts from the very beginning. Expansion and diversification are the key features of this well-known brand. 

Shenzhen Luckystar digital technology launched its own brand Aoson. They started to diversify their products by bringing tablets, laptops, navigation, mobile phones, and other digital products. The variations and unique features have made this brand so popular to the customers and made them loyal to the brand. 

Aoson is a brand from where you will get world-class products like wearable devices, smartwatch, smartphone, smart home systems, and many more. Smart tablets are one of their most popular and sold items. The reason behind this is the lucrative features of tablets at an affordable price. Most of the tablets of Aoson have more than 7-inch display, dual-core processor, high-quality video, and graphics.

They have gaming tablets as well, and some tablets are there, especially for kids. Most of the tablets are Android, but they have windows tablets too. Their tablets are compatible with most of the applications, and they have high durability and functionality too. 

Aoson Mini5, Aoson M701TG, Aoson M701TS, and Aoson R18 are the most popular and favorite items of Aoson. Mini5 has an eight-core processor, and this feature makes it different, whereas M701TG is best for gaming. So Aoson has got all kinds of tablets, and each has its specialty. 

As far as you are concerned about prices, the prices of Aoson tablets are not that high. It is easily affordable for anyone. The price ranges for Aoson tablets start from BDT 7000 to BDT 25,000. Though they have some higher-end products, still most of their tablets are affordable, and their prices are between 10,000 to 15,000. 

Available models of Aoson tablets for you are M75T, which is BDT 7650, M706T is BDT 8600, and the price of R18 is BDT 14,500. So it is evident to you that why Aoson is a worldwide recognized brand. Because of its innovative ideas and affordable pricing, it has been successful enough to keep their stand in this competitive race of technology and the smart appliance industry.

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