Apple Earphone Price in Bangladesh

To most people, music is a very favorite thing. Some people can not spend a single day without music. Even when we are traveling in the cities for our daily works, we spend a massive amount of time in the vehicles. To pass that time many of use choose music. Sometimes music heals our monotony from work also. For listening to music, a good quality earphone is required. We need to choose a good quality earphone to get a pleasant experience. For Apple users, earphones from the same brand always recommended. This brand has few products in this segment, but they are outstanding in quality and durability.

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Apple Earphone Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Apple Earphones Price in Bangladesh 
Apple EarPods MD827LLA 2,999 Taka
Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) 19,999 Taka


If you are an Apple user or you love to get an earphone from this brand, then you can go for Apple earpod. This one comes with a wire, which is the same old model but still dominating the market. Because in performance, this one is perfect. Color of this earpod is white. It comes with three buttons. Two of them are used to control the volume, and one of them is used to receive a phone call and pause/play music. Wire of the earpod is solid and long-lasting. In the market, you will get it for spending 5000 BDT approximately.

If you want the wireless earpod, then you have to go for Apple Wireless AirPod. The battery life of this one is about 24 hours, which is very good. It provides 3-11-hour talk time. It takes very less time to recharge it fully. After a 15-minute charge, you can use it for 3 hours. This thing has dual beam-forming microphones, motion-detecting accelerometer, a speech-detecting accelerometer in it. You have to charge it with the charging case provided with it. Price of this airpod is 18,000 BDT approximately. Though the price is high, the airpod is unique also.

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