iPhone Price in Bangladesh

Apple is a PC and smart device based company originating from California in the US. It stands, it is one of the most known brands in the world. It is the #1 brand in the world as of 2019. Apple has been a driving force in technology since the invention of integrated circuits in the 1970s. Apple revolutionized computing industries with the introduction of Mackintosh PC. Powered by the genius Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple has been the forefront of the shift towards the future of processing since the inception of such concepts. But they did not just stop there. Apple had seen some competition in the form of IBM and later, Microsoft. They had experienced some economic failure in the late 80s and 90s but rebounded back in the early 2000s with the iTunes and streaming technologies. But they rose to absolute prominence with the introduction of the Apple iPhone.

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Apple iPhone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Apple iPhones
Price in Bangladesh
Apple iPhone XS Max 122,500 Taka
Apple iPhone XS 112,500 Taka
Apple iPhone XR 82,990 Taka
Apple iPhone X 112,000 Taka
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 88,000 Taka


In the 2000s, mobile technologies were heavily led by Nokia. Nokia had introduced their touch mobiles in 2007-2008. But Steve Job’s vision of the smartphone was realized and released with the launch of the Apple iPhone. iPhones operated on Apple’s own iOS platform. Back in the time, this was a revolutionary idea. The idea of the phone running on a central operating system with the help of the Apple environment. It changed the mobile industry forever. Apple has since become the flag bearers of innovation in the smartphone industry. Apple’s phones operated to bring the best performance for the customers. The iOS operating system is the USP of Apple phones. iOS provides maximum optimization for users. Apple uses its own processing chip named the A series with the current iteration being the A13 chip. 

iPhones are known as industry leaders in the smartphone industry. They effectively brought the first successful smartphone in the form of the inaugural iPhone. Then their phones introduced the iPhone 3Gs with 3G connectivity. They were the first brand to use and popularize the use of biometric fingerprint lock system with the iPhone 5s. They also negated the use of the 3.5 mm headphone jack, which has been followed by other companies as well. They also popularized the notch system for bezel-less display phones. They also made the use of face ID a popular use for phones. In all these cases, Apple has been the industry leaders in the smartphone industry for the last 12 years. 

iPhones are a part of the Apple environment. This is a part of Apple’s main philosophies. iPhone users can enjoy the other benefits that Apple provides. iPhones are a sign of social class and technical know-how among smartphone users. iPhone 11 is the newest iteration of Apple phones. With better processing, battery life, and professional level camera performance. Apple continues to be the market leader among smartphones. Apple’s integration of new products and services have brought them enviable success. With great solutions and cutting edge, they have maintained their place as the #1 brand in the world. 

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