Astra TV Price in Bangladesh

Astra is a home-grown consumer electronic brand owned by Rancon Electronics limited. In Bangladesh the brand has been marketing a myriad of electronic goods including affordable and good quality TVs for over 8 years. Outstanding picture quality, clear sound, good quality and a commitment to the customers are the characters that define every Astra product. As a television brand, Astra has a good reputation in the market alongside a loyal following.

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Astra TV Price list in Bangladesh

Latest Astra Televisions Price in Bangladesh
Astra Smart Tv 32" 30000 Taka
Astra Smart Tv 43" 59000 Taka
Astra 24A4000 24" 16000 Taka
Astra 32A4000 32" 22000 Taka


Rancon Electronics launched Astra in 2013 as a consumer electronics brand. Televisions make up a big part of Astra’s product list. Among televisions the brand mainly focuses on slim LED and smart TVs. Astra makes TVs for the general masses and their product pricing follow this mantra.

Astra televisions begin at around BDT 14000 and can reach up to BDT 60000. LED display is used in all their products. Most products offer 1080p full HD picture quality. The models are ranked Class A in energy efficiency coming with free wall mounts.

Astra TV offerings begin with models like the ASTRA 24A4000 - LED Slim TV which has a 24-inch LED display with full HD picture quality, a wide viewing angle and USB capabilities. With a 5-year service warranty this particular model comes in at around BDT 14000. After that, we have models like the ASTRA 32A4000 - LED Slim TV. This model has a 32-inch full HD LED display for the most high-quality TV viewing experience.

Other characters include an ultra-thin frame, wide viewing angle and USB ports. The whole package costs around BDT 20000. Selections for smart TVs include the ASTRA Smart TV - 32" – Black with an LED display and full HD picture quality. The model also has full internet connectivity with access to YouTube and Netflix. This model is priced at around BDT 30000.

Finally, we have the ASTRA Smart TV - 43" Black, which comes with a Full HD LED display, complete internet access, zoom function, Screen mirroring and full-color optimizer. Additional features include eye protection as well as HDMI and USB ports. This model costs around BDT 55000     


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