Astrum Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

Astrum is an electronics company based in Honk Kong that was founded in 2008. Astrum aims to provide people worldwide to get access to new technologies. Astrum strides to make their products budget-friendly and also tries to give their customers good value for the money.
Astrum manufactures PC peripherals and accessories along with their other products. They manufacture keyboards with different features and form factors for people with different needs. The keyboards they produce are mostly sleek and modern looking with some variation from model to model. They also have a gaming centered keyboard lineup as well. Their main lineups for their non-gaming keyboard are the KB, KM, and the KT series of keyboards.

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Astrum Keyboard Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Astrum Keyboards Price in Bangladesh
Astrum KL610 1100 Taka
Astrum KM200 400 Taka
Astrum KB100 400 Taka
Astrum KM300 475 Taka
Astrum KC110 700 Taka


Their KB series of keyboards are traditional and simple looking keyboards that are meant for casual and office use. These keyboards are great for anyone looking for a simple reliable keyboard without any special bells and whistles. Then there is the KM series. The KM series also features simple and traditional looking keyboards with the addition of multi-media keys that make them good for anyone who watches a lot of content on their computer. The KM lineup of keyboards also comes in two different form factors. One is the full-sized form factor, and the other being the ten-keyless form factor. The ten-keyless form factor is great for anyone who is looking for a small and compact keyboard. Their KT lineup of keyboards is a bit different as they offer wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, and some models also feature universal touchpads.
For their gaming lineup, they have the KL series of keyboards. These keyboards come with membrane keys instead of mechanical. Still, they are good gaming keyboards on a budget. They also feature backlight and have multi-media keys.
The Astrum keyboards are budget-friendly and reliable. Anyone looking for a quality keyboard on a low budget can go for any Astrum keyboard of their choice and be satisfied with it.

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