Astrum Headphone Price in Bangladesh

Technology enhances our productivity. But it can’t create an impact unless it can be adaptable for general people. Companies who are focusing on this specific area and working under it are gaining success, and within quick succession, they are getting recognized. Astrum is one of those names which has been doing this. Following the ongoing trends and with mixing the innovations, they are becoming trustworthy to the users and maintaining the client base.

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Astrum Headphone Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest  Astrum Headphones Price in Bangladesh
Astrum HS400 1200 Taka
Astrum HT500 4,200 Taka
Astrum HT200  2,050 Taka
Astrum HT300 1,650 Taka
Astrum HS120 1000 Taka


They were established in 2008 in Hong Kong. Since it started their journey; they remained focused on their specific objective. They always aimed to build the bridge between people and technology, paving the way with all types of accessories they provide.

Astrum has various lines of products among them, one of the most notable ones is the audio category, which includes their headphones collection. Under this collection, there are few ones which got significant acknowledgment. “HT200 Pure Leather Bluetooth Headset” is one of that remarkable one. Embedded with a leather ear cup, ensures the comfort of listening. Built-in mic enriched with noise dropping technology makes it conducive for business-related communication.

Splendid bass makes it feel the music. It is priced near about 1700 BDT. Has the dimension of 185 x 95 x 195mm and pretty much light in weight to carry, 300g approximately. Another collection in the same line is their “HT300 Wireless Over-Ear Headset”. Includes a mic which makes it easy to command and foldable design eases carrying. Handy for gaming, especially for multi-playing. Astrum has wired headphone too. “HS400 - Fabric Cable Stereo Headset” is one of them. With 120cm cable length, it supports even while moving. The foldable design and soft foam-cups make it more enjoyable for the power base. The price line basically shifts between 1,500 BDT to 2,000 BDT. As the company has no authorized price extent for reseller, it might shake a bit.    


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