ASUS Laptop Price in Bangladesh

ASUS is a Taiwan based company. It has been inspiring innovation and elegant design since 2010. ASUS is synonymous with stylish, durable and affordable laptops. It provides a vibrant range of products at almost every price range imaginable. A constant stream of new laptops with stellar design at every price has made it a crowd favorite. Today ASUS is established as a best-selling laptop brand.  

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ASUS Laptop Price in Bangladesh

Latest ASUS  Laptop Price in Bangladesh
ASUS X507MA Celeron Dual Core 15.6" 27,500 Taka
ASUS X540YA Amd Dual Core 15.6" 26,000 Taka
ASUS VivoBook 15 X512DA Ryzen 5 3500U 15.6" 55,000 Taka
ASUS X407MA Celeron Dual Core 14" 25,000 Taka
ASUS E203MAH Celeron Dual Core 11.6" 28,000 Taka


The company ASUS came into existence as an electronic hardware manufacturer in 1989. The company entered the laptop market in 2010 introducing the world’s thinnest notebook, the ASUS U36. Today ASUS has a number of lines aimed at different types of users. For students, it has the Chromebook series, for entry-level and budget laptops it has the VivoBook series. ZenBook series serve as its compelling premium line and for the gamers, it has the Gaming series. For everyday use, it has the ASUS Laptop series. Finally, for business use, there is the ASUSPRO series. All ASUS laptops have Windows OS except for the Chromebook series laptops which have Chrome OS. In terms of screen size, ASUS laptops range from 13 inches up to 17 inches. Most laptops, however, are between 14 and 16 inches. Regarding processor almost all ASUS laptops use Intel core (i3, i5, i7) processors ranging from 3rd generation to 8th generation. Some laptops in the gaming series use the new Intel Core i9 processor including models with the AMD Ryzen 7 processors for the most optimal gaming experience.

Apart from that Many gaming laptops in the ROG line are VR ready. Most ASUS laptops come with a minimum of 500GB worth of storage space. Newer models incorporate SSD into their data storage. When it comes to battery life, ASUS laptops offer a minimum of 6 hours unplugged with some models going as high as 12 hours. ASUS covers a wide range of price for its diverse series of laptops with conventional entry-level laptops starting at around BDT 22000 up to BDT 115000 for the high-quality notebooks. The gaming laptop series is a bit more expensive with initial price tags of around BDT 100000 up to a whopping BDT 630000. Popular models like the ASUS Vivobook Max and the Vivobook S15 with Intel core i3 processors come between BDT 30000 and BDT 45000.

In the mid-level category, we have the ASUS F556UA-AB32 and Vivobook S14 all with 5th generation core i5 processors ranging from BDT 55000 to BDT 68000. The Zenbook UX330, Zenbook Ultra Slim and Zenbook 3 with their 8th generation core i7 processors are pricier ranging between BDT 85000 and BDT 100000. For chrome users there is the ASUS Chromebook C302 with intel core M3, M7 or Pentium processor are priced at around BDT 54000. And in terms of gaming laptops, the ROG Zephyrus M GM501GA with AMD Ryzen 7 processor at BDT 200000 and the ROG G703V with intel core i9 processor at BDT 490000 are among the world’s most powerful and best. 

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