Atashii AC Price in Bangladesh

Atashii is a successful consumer electronics brand that deals in an assortment of product categories. The brand is well known for its Air Conditioners, which are well made and affordable. Atashii has a great collection of AC's that are geared towards functionality above all else. The great models are further complemented by the brand's free installment policies and outstanding customer service.

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Atashii AC Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Atashii Air Conditioners
Price in Bangladesh
ATASHII NA-18CR-AR 54,426 Taka
ATASHII NA-12CR-AR 41,266 Taka
ATASHII MS12F-24CR 65,706 Taka
ATASHII NA-24CR-INV 87,890 Taka
ATASHII 5.0 Ton MUE 60 CR 164,500 Taka


Currently, Atashii ranks as one of the best local AC brands in Bangladesh. Atashii is one of the two consumer electronics brand owned by Nitol Group. The company rose to a prominent position in the AC market after 2014. At present Atashii primarily offers great Split AC models in the 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5-ton categories. The brand's pricing model also covers a wide base with prices beginning at around BDT 43000 and topping off at around BDT 100000. Products in the 1.0 Ton category cost roughly around BDT 55000 whereas models with 1.5 Ton and higher capacity can cost above BDT 60000. Atashii ACs have BTU ranging from 12000 to 30000, making them ideal for rooms of any size.

The models are all Eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Most of the models have a cooling range between 18°C to 30°C making them extremely versatile and suited for a myriad of uses. Atashii sticks to a tight code of conformity when it comes to their ACs. Most of the brand's products are specialized in terms of capacity and BTU. Some of the universal features that are present in Atashii ACs including HEPA-BIO Filter, Dry Mode Operation, Sleep Program, Follow Me Function, Powder Coated Panels, and Hydrophilic Indoor and Outdoor Coil Protection.

Some models also have Refrigerant Leakage Detector, Internal Thermal Protector Compressor, and Cold Catalyst Filter. Two popular models from the brand are ATASHII NA-12CR-AR 1.0 Ton at BDT 44000 and the ATASHII NA-18CR-INV 1.5 Ton at around BDT 74000.

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