Atashii Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Atashii is a very successful consumer electronic brand that deals with several home appliances. The impressive product collection of the brand also includes a large selection of refrigerators. Atashii refrigerators are known to be superior in both quality and aesthetics when compared to other mundane brands in the market. The refrigerators are also more competitively priced than most other well-known brands. These factors have led the brand to become a crowd favorite in Bangladesh.

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Atashii Fridge Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Atashii Fridges Price in Bangladesh
Atashii NRA-21 27000 Taka
Atashii NRA-22 31000 Taka
Atashii 210L 27000 Taka
Atashii 245L 31000 Taka
Atashii 220L 30000 Taka


Atashii is a brand under Nitol Group that specializes in electronic goods. The brand has been making its mark in the Bangladeshi market, since 2014, which has more than 15 different models of refrigerators under its name with constant new additions every year. Atashii mainly focuses on 50-50 fridge and deep fridge types that are riced mainly between BDT 25000 and BDT 38000. Most of the fridges are in the 150 to the 250-liter range. Atashii fridges come reliable and heavy-duty compressors that ensure efficient cooling and low power consumption. The refrigerators are CFC free, making them environment-friendly. Almost all the new models come with mold-proof door gaskets as well as an adjustable thermostat, making them easy and convenient to use. The models have stunning finished glass doors that would add an extra level of beauty to any kitchen. Atashii also makes its refrigerators available in a myriad of colors and designs which are rich n taste and originality. The refrigerators have the added feature of low noise operations. Some of the models also come with auto defrost functions. After-sales benefits of the fridges include up to 8 years in a compressor guaranty and two years of free spare parts. The terms even include free servicing for a fixed period. Some popular models from the brand include the Atashii NRA-21HT-GPL at around BDT 27000 and the Atashii NRA-24KB-GRD-255L at around BDT 37000.

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