Atashii TV Price in Bangladesh

Atashii is a local electronics brand under the Nitol Electronics. This brand markets an assortment of home appliances and televisions. Atashii televisions are characterised by their stylish design, excellent engineering and justified pricing. Fantastic picture quality coupled with a brand motto to serve the masses have made the Atashii brand very popular in the market.

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Atashii TV Price List in Banglades

Latest Atashii Televisions  Price in Bangladesh
Atashii Na-32 32" 17000 Taka
Atashii NA-24 24" 12000 Taka
Atashii NA-55 55" 69000 Taka
Atashii Na-39 39" 36000 Taka
Atashii NA-32LU2 32" 18900 Taka


Atashii serves one of two brands under the Nitol Electronics company which is dedicated to providing affordable home appliances to its customers. The brand has had a prominent presence in the country since 2014 with an ever-increasing popularity and customer base. Among its TV catalog, there is a distinct emphasis on LED and Smart televisions.

As per their brand motto, the products are reasonably priced and within reach of the average customer. Prices open at BDT 20000 and top off at around BDT 70000. Atashii televisions use quality hardware to give its customers the best TV viewing experience possible. All Atashii TVs use LED display that comes between 1366X768 and 1920X1080 pixel resolution. Models also incorporate VGA monitor connectivity.

Smart TVs come with full internet connectivity, apps, HDMI and USB capabilities. One of the most affordable Atashii TV models is the NA-32 LU-1 Basic LED TV with a 32-inch display and wide viewing angle. Screen resolution is 1366X768 which becomes 19200X1080 in HDMI. The model also includes USB and VGA ports at the modest price of BDT 18900.

At a bit higher level, we have the NA-39 LSU-1 Smart LED TV with a 39-inch full HD LED display. The model comes with an ARM Cortex-A7 Quad-Core processor and 512MB RAM with full internet connectivity. Additional features include HDMI, USB ports and an assortment of apps. This model costs around BDT 37000. At the top we have the NA-55 LSU-1 Smart LED TV with a 55-inch Full HD LED display.

The model uses the Android Operating System 4.4 and has an external keyboard and mouse support. Google Chrome, Facebook, YouTube, and games are pre-loaded whit and external storage capacity of 600GB. This model costs around BDT 70000.     


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