Atlas Zongshen Bike Price in Bangladesh

Atlas Zongshen is a new company of motorbike in Bangladesh. A few years ago, many companies from our country were not that much. But recently some motorbike companies a growing gradually and capturing the market. Atlas Zongshen is one of the growing companies in Bangladesh. Products of this company assemble in China. This brand is a newcomer on the market, so it doesn't have many models available. But to satisfy the public demand, it has few models in various categories.

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Atlas Zongshen Bike Price list  in Bangladesh

Latest Atlas Zongshen Bikes  Price in Bangladesh
Atlas Zongshen Z One
1,63,500 Taka
Atlas Zongshen ZS 125-68
1,02,500 Taka
Atlas Zongshen Z ONE T
1,63,500 Taka
AtlasZongshen ZS 150-58
1,73,500 Taka
AtlasZongshen ZS80
65,000 Taka


The brand Atlas Zongshen has released bikes in different categories in the market of Bangladesh. But firstly, we will be talking about Atlas Zongshen Z One. This one is a standard one with 150cc engine. Actually, this one is one of the most good looking and standard bikes which can compete others brands. This one is a naked sportbike which has great features in it. The bike has a 150cc Air Cooled, 4-Stroke Single Cylinder OHC engine which allows it to produce 9KW power @ 8500 rpm and 12 Nm of torque @ 5500 rpm. It has a five-speed gearbox, and Top speed of the bike is approximately 110+ km per hour. The bike has an 18-liter fuel tank including 1-liter reserve in it which can contain a standard amount of fuel. If you're curious about the mileage, then you'll feel great to know that the bike runs about 45 km per liter which sounds good comparing the other bikes in Bangladesh.

It has disc brake in the front and drums brake in the rear. In design and look the bike is pretty standard which has gorgeous shape. It doesn't have split seat, but because of being high in the rear the bike looks good. Curves in the fuel tank look great with the engine guard. Especially the rear mudguard is no a regular one. It has smart looking grab rails in it. The bike has an 18-liter fuel tank including 1-liter reserve in it which can contain a standard amount of fuel. With all these cool features the bike costs approximately 173,000 BDT. In the same price range, this brand has another cool bike for you which is a semi faired bike. If you love to ride semi faired bike, then this one is the preferable models for you. And the name of that model is Atlas Zongshen Z One T costing approximately 173,000 BDT. Many features of this bike are the same as Atlas Zongshen Z One. There are also some differences also. It produces 10 KW power @ 8500 rpm and 12.5 Nm torque @ 6500 rpm. Fuel capacity and mileage are the same as the previous one. Meter of the bike is fully digital. One of the most attractive things of the bike is upside down suspension in the front, and it has mono-shock suspension in the rear. The headlight of the bike is very stylish and aggressive. Within your choice, you can pick the one which suits you more.

There is no problem if you don't like these types of bikes. In the same price and the same displacement of the engine, another bike is for you from this brand. Atlas Zongshen ZS 150-58 a bike which is cruiser in type. It has the same engine with a five-speed gearbox. In the fuel tank, it can carry 13-liter fuel, and 1 liter is for reserve. The bike can produce 9.0 kw power @ 8500 rpm and 11.5 nm torque @ 5500 rpm and claimed top speed is 100 km per hour. It has same mileage as Atlas Zongshen Z One. The front tire of the bike is not that thick as other cruisers which matter in the look of the bike. But overall the bike is good looking. It has disc brake in the front and drums brake in the rear. Weight of the bike is a little bit low, and it is 135 kg. As other cruiser bikes, it is also big, and it has a standard ground clearance. Pillion seat of the bike is comfortable. Overall the bike is a great one in this price. For people who are looking for a new and unique bike can get this awesome model from this brand. 

If you are looking for a 125cc bike, then this brand has a beautiful bike for you. Atlas Zongshen ZS125-68 is a smart-looking bike with 125cc engine. Most people buy this type of bike to get more mileage, and this bike runs about 65 km per liter, which sounds great. Engine of the bike produces 8.0 KW power @ 8500 rpm, 9.2 Nm torque @7000 rpm and claimed top speed is 100 km per hour. The engine of the bike is an air-cooled single-cylinder engine. It has both kick start and electric start system. In this bike, it has five gears, and in the front, it has disc brake. It has drum brake in the rear. The weight of the bike is122 kg, which is pretty perfect for this category. The bike is a complete one in 140,000 BDT. Comparing to the other 125 cc bike price of this one is a little high. But if you look in the overall comparison, the price is standard because of its great look. Honestly, 125 cc bikes don't have a muscular look from other brands as this one has. It has a smart color combination. Meter of the bike is beautifully combined with a digital and analog system. 

For the people who prefer 100 cc bike as their riding partner Atlas Zongshen has one model available named Atlas Zongshen ZS 100-27. This bike has an Air-Cooled engine 4 Stroke Single Cylinder OHC. Displacement of the engine is 97 cc, and it has four gears. The engine of the bike can produce 5.7 KW power @ 7500 rpm and 7.2 Nm torque @ 5500 rpm. Claimed top speed of the bike is 80 km per hour. Mileage is the main thing about this type of bikes. It runs about 65+ km for burning 1-liter fuel. In the fuel tank, it has a 12-liter capacity. Weight of the bike is 107 kg which is pretty good. The bike has drum brakes both in front and rear. In 120,000 BDT you can own this bike. 

For the ladies and gents who feel comfortable to ride a scooter, this brand has two models available. Atlas Zongshen ZS 110-72 is one of them. This bike is perfect for only city riding. It has an air-cooled engine which has a single cylinder. Displacement of the bike is 109.2 cc which produces 6.2 KW power @ 7500 rpm and 8.2 Nm torque @ 5500 rpm. Top speed of the bike is 80 km per hour, and in braking segment, it has disc brake in the front and drums brake in the rea. Fuel capacity of the bike is 4.5 liter which is a problem. You will need to refuel your bike within a short time. The weight of the bike is 97 kg, which is pretty good. You can run the about 60 km with 1-liter fuel. Price of this bike is approximately 112,500 BDT. In the same price, another model from this brand which is Atlas Zongshen ZS 110-56 is available. This bike has the same specification as the Atlas Zongshen ZS 110-72. It has slight changes in the look. It is like you are having options in the same category at the same price. It's your choice to pick the suitable one for you. 

Some people love lightweight bikes with a low powered engine. Mostly they commute a fixed route for their daily work purpose. Again, this type of people prefers a simple bike for them. For this type of people, Atlas Zongshen ZS80 is the perfect bike. In approximately 85,000 BDT this bike has an 80-cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine. Top speed of the bike is about 80 km per hour, and it has four gears. Weight of the bike is 85 kg, and rims of this bike are made of alloy which looks so smart. The bike can carry 7-liter fuel, and for burning 1-liter fuel, you can ride approximately 75 km, which is so good. You won't have to worry about riding a little more if you want. The bike starts both in the kick start and electric start system. It doesn't have any disc brake. Both in front and rear, it has drum brakes. 

The brand Atlas Zongshen has these models available here in Bangladesh. In these price ranges, the bikes are pretty cool looking and equipped with great features. All the models have a carburetor. It doesn't have any model with the fuel injector system. Maybe in the upcoming models, this feature will be visible. All the bikes have maintenance free battery which is a great feature. With smart technologies, stylish looks all the bikes have a great impression to catch anyone's eye. You can try a bike from this brand which suits you. As the company belongs to Bangladesh, we can expect to improve and provide us more quality products to us.


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