Awei Power Bank Price in Bangladesh

Awei is a Chinese smartphone accessory provider company. We all know Awei for its good quality wireless earphones. But they also make power banks. Today we will have a little discussion about Awei power banks.

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Awei Power Bank Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Awei Power Banks Price in Bangladesh
Awei p28K 10000mah 1200 Taka
Awei p40k 10000Mah 1900 Taka
Awei p-66k 20000mah 2200 Taka
Awei p-10k 6000Mah 900 Taka
Awei p-20k 8000mah 1200 Taka


 There are a lot of power banks from Awei is available in Bangladesh market right now. You can get an Awei power bank from both online and offline shops. Awei power banks are available in different price range according to different battery capacity. You can choose according to your need or according to your price range. If you are a light user, then you can choose from 1000 taka to 2000 taka price range according to your need. In this price range, you can get a P84K power bank which is a pretty good quality power bank.

The build quality of this power bank is not so good, but the performance is pretty good. The battery capacity of this power bank is 10400 mAh. This power bank has a sinh;e USB port and LED indicator light and it will cost you around 1700 taka. But if you want a slightly better power bank with excellent build quality and capacity, then you can get the Awei P40K. This power bank has a 10000 mAh battery capacity and a single USB port. The build quality of the power bank is pretty good. The performance of the power bank is also good. Once you charge the power bank full, you can charge your smartphone 2 or 3 times. 

If your budget is above 2000 taka, then you can get some awesome power banks like Awei P65K, Awei P56K, and Awei X15, etc. You will get these power banks in the price range 2000 taka to 2800 taka. All of these power banks are 10000 mAh power banks with 2 or more USB ports, good build quality, and good performance. Alongside with these normal power banks, Awei also has QI wireless charger power banks. You can get Awei P98K QI wireless charger power bank if your budget is 2900 taka. 

We have plenty of choices to help you find the best power bank for you from Awei. Just visit us, compare and get the best Awei power bank for you. 


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