Blaze Fan Price in Bangladesh

Blaze is a well-known brand that deals in many types of home appliances, including electric fans. For a long time, the brand has been marketing top-quality fans in the local market. Blaze fans are known for their overall quality and performance. Blaze uses only the best in material and technology to make their fans.

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Blaze Fan Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Blaze Fans Price in Bangladesh
Blaze Table Fan 98553 1,733 Taka
Blaze ODS-55 1,150 Taka


The modern design features make the fans durable and very reliable. The fans are also very affordable and worth every penny of their cost. Blaze also has some attractive warranty policies making their products even more appealing.

Blaze has a specialty when it comes to table fans. The brand owns an impressive collection of models in this category. The models are also very fairly priced. Most of Blaze’s fans are sold between BDT 1600 and BDT 2000 in the open market. The fans come with a number of useful and convenient features with 220V operating system, which is compatible with all houses. The fans have a frequency of 50Hz and consume about 55 watts of electric power.

The table fans from Blaze come at a standard size of 16 inches (400mm). The fans have a rated speed of 1200 RPM that insures strong winds for the customers. Some models are capable of delivering 60 cubic meters of air every minute. The table fans have adjustable wind speeds and operate with considerably less sound. The models also come with E class insulation that ensures user safety. The table fans are capable of 900 oscillations and come with rustproof protective grills. The models also have over-voltage carrying capacity that offers protection from voltage fluctuations. Some models also feature burn-proof motors. Blaze has some outstanding fan models including the Blaze 98553 Table Fan at BDT 1800 and the Blaze 78893-16 Table Fan at BDT 2000.


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