Bosch AC Price in Bangladesh

Robert Bosch GmbH is better known as Bosch that is a German conglomerate that is deeply involved in the home appliances business, including air conditioners. The brand has been providing hi-tech personal and commercial air cooling solutions for generations. Bosch ACs are known for their reliability, quality, and functionality. Their ACs are chock full of useful functions and features that are exclusively geared to provide the best cooling experience. Due to high customer confidence, at present Bosch is one of the prominent names in the AC industry.


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Bosch AC Price List in Bangladesh 2020

Latest Bosch Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
Bosch B1ZDI18921 89,900 Taka
Bosch B1ZDI24921 114,900 Taka


Bosch was founded in 1886 and is currently headquartered in Gerlingen, Germany. The company has consistently introduced ACs incorporating the best in German technology and design. The brand has an outstanding selection in the split AC category with a versatile price range. Depending on the unit capacity most Bosch AC can go for anywhere between BDT 80000 and BDT 120000. In the 1.5 Tons and 2.0 Tons category, the BTU ranges from 16000 to 24000, making them able to handle any weather. The ACs incorporates cutting edge design features and are all energy efficient.

Bosch ACs have a special feature of ultra-quiet operations that ensures the utmost comfort to the user. All the models are equipped with the anti-rust cabinet that makes them very durable. The heavy-duty features make the ACs reliable and guarantee hassle-free operations. The multi-directional airflow can cool down any room evenly and efficiently. The in-built biofilter ensures germ-free, clean, and hygienic air for the rooms. Some other handy features include the auto-restart feature, LED display, super ionizer, and golden fins. The ACs are also easy to clean and maintain.

All these features are complemented by the slick and modern designs of ACs ensure to light up any room. Some popular models from the brand include the Bosch B1ZDI18921 1.5 Ton Air conditioner at BDT 90000 and the Bosch B1ZDI249212 Ton air conditioner at BDT 215000.

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