Canon Camera Price in Bangladesh

The Japanese brand, Canon is one of the biggest names in the camera business. This brand maintains one of the largest collection of cameras marketed by any company in the globe. For decades, this brand has maintained its dominance with some best and most iconic cameras in the market. The cameras are known to be the best in terms of both quality and design. Canon uses some of the most sophisticated technology to produce their products. Their innovation and great Japanese workmanship define the outcome of the products. The cameras also deliver some of the best value for the price.

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Canon Camera Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Canon Cameras Price in Bangladesh
Canon EOS 4000D 24,000 Taka
Canon EOS 1300D 30,500 Taka
Canon EOS 2000D 34,000 Taka
Canon EOS 750D 43,000 Taka
Canon EOS 800D 48,500 Taka


Canon was established in the year 1937 as an electronics company. Currently, the brand has a long list of products under its name, including over 200 different models of cameras. The brand extensively markets these products in 6 continents to a global customer base. The price range covered by the cameras is also very large. A person can find Canon cameras in the market anywhere between BDT 30000 to above BDT 55000. The categories covered by the brand’s cameras include point & shoot, mirrorless, camcorders, and DSLR cameras.

Canon sells cameras generally between 7 megapixels and 21 megapixels. Most of the cameras use CMOS pixels sensors in the range of 7.69 to 28.29 mm. Some of the models also use CCD sensors, and most of the cameras form Canon come with 1x to 40x optical zoom function for better functionality. The image stabilizer function is present for blur-free pictures. The cameras also widely utilize features such as face detection, macro mode, autofocus, red-eye reduction, and viewfinder. Some of the models also incorporate functions such as touch screen, wifi, and sensor cleaning. Some of the great models form the brand include the Canon EOS 200D DSLR Camera at BDT 40000 and the Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera at BDT 250000.


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