Chigo AC Price in Bangladesh

Guangdong Chigo Air Conditioning Co. Ltd. is a Chinese brand that provides air conditioning solutions and hardware across the globe. The brand has a long-standing history of innovation and pushing the horizon. Chigo hosts one of the largest collections of split AC models in the market that spans through all major capacity categories. The products are known for their excellent design, engineering, reliability, and overall affordability.

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Chigo AC Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Chigo Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh

Chigo is well known for being the first in adapting to new technologies in air conditioning. Currently, the brand enjoys a level of popularity rarely seen by other brands.

Chigo manufactured its first AC in 1995 and constantly updated its market, offerings for the past 19 years. The brand maintains 3 massive production centers in China, serves customers in six continents. Chigo specializes in split ACs with extensive selections in the 1.0 Ton, 1.5s Ton, 2.0 Tons and 2.5 Tons category.

The brand has some of the most competitive prices in the market that spans a massive range starting at BDT 28000 to BDT 160000. Chigo ACs have BTU from 12000 to 28800 depending on the unit capacity. The ACs use rotary compressors, and most are energy efficient. The ACs have a compact and elegant design that can complement any interior design.

Multi-Fan Speeds ensure a highly customizable airflow, which can cool down any room in moments. Their washable filters make maintenance very easy and hassle-free. ACs are also equipped with Child Lock to avoid any undesirable incidents. A whole host of other features in these ACs include the auto on/off function, quiet function, and the powerful jet stream.

Chigo backs its products with impeccable customer service and warranty records. Some extremely popular models from the brand include the Chigo CS-32H3A-V156AF – 1.0 Ton Mid wall Split AC at BDT 29000 and the Chigo CS-61H3A-P156AA – 2.0 Ton Mid wall Split AC at BDT 45000.


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