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Click is a consumer electronics brand that has products in various electronics categories. The brand is very well known for its electric fans. For years Click has been providing its customers with the top of the line fans in all major categories. The fans are known to be of excellent quality in terms of both engineering and design and utilizes great product concepts to deliver durable and reliable fans to the public. The fans are also very reasonably priced and have a lot of value for their price.

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Click Fan Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Click Fans Price in Bangladesh
Click Cyclone 1100 Taka
Click Crown 56" 2800 Taka
Click Crown 48" 2700 Taka
Click Camellia 56" 3400 Taka
Click Exhaust 10" 1000 Taka


Click has numerous models of fans spanning various categories with a specialty in the ceiling and table fans. Click offers a good number of models in these categories. The brand follows a very customer-friendly pricing policy. Most of its products come in between BDT 1000 and BDT 4000 in the open market. The fans incorporate some great design features and functions. All Click fans operate at a standard 220V. Blaze table fans have a frequency of 50Hz and come at sizes ranging from 9 inches to 15 inches. These fans operate at speeds at around 2800 rpm and have blades made of ABS.

These fans are rated to use around 65 watts of electric power. Click ceiling fans feature pure copper wiring and a whisper-quiet motor for the smoothest operations. The fans also have high-quality silicone sheets and powdered paint coating. The ceiling fans also feature dimmer control as well as E class insulation that serves as an extra layer of safety against any accidents. The ceiling fans use 80 watts of power to operate and have a service value of 2.65 M3/min. These fans have an air delivery rate of 2000 cubic meters per minute. Some great models from the brand include the Click Cyclone Fan at BDT 1100 and the Click Camellia Ceiling Fan at BDT 3000.


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