Conion AC Price in Bangladesh

Conion is a consumer electronics brand that deals in all major home electronics categories. A major category in the brand’s market is offering air conditioners. The brand has been providing the public with high-quality ACs for many years. Conion brands distinguished their ACs with eye-catching design and outstanding performance. The brand currently enjoys a level of popularity which is matched by only a handful of other brands.

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Conion AC Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Conion Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
Conion BE 12CBFR  39,900 Taka
Conion BE 12CPBG 41,900 Taka
ConionBE-12SCBMW 37,900 Taka
Conion BE 12CHCW 42,900 Taka
Conion 18CBFR 55,900 Taka


Conion has a large collection of ACs ranging from 1 to 2.5 tons, and they have an outstanding collection of Split ACs at different prices. The brand also offers other types of air conditioners. In terms of price, the brand has products mostly between BDT 38000 and BDT 160000.

ACs between 1.0 and 1.5 Tons can cost between BDT 40000 and BDT 60000. Models from the brand with a capacity above 1.5 Tons can cost above BDT 65000. In terms of BTU, Conion ACs have a versatile range from 12000 to 30000. That makes even the least powerful AC from the brand able to cool a mid-sized room efficiently. Conion ACs have an average cooling range between 180 to 300 which makes them able to handle the hottest of days.

All the models uniformly come with heavy-duty compressors that ensure smooth and effective operations. Conion has been very successful in integrating Ecoboost Cooling Technology. This has made the ACs very friendly to both the environment and the customers’ wallets.

Other standard features such as LED display, 4-directional airflow and Self-diagnosis are also present alongside Conion’s slick and elegant design. Some noteworthy and popular models from the brand include the Conion 1.0 Ton BE 12CBFR, Conion 1.5 Ton BE 18CBFR and the Conion 2.0 Ton BE 24CPBG at BDT 40000, BDT 57000 and BDT 67000 respectively.

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