Conion Iron Price in Bangladesh

Ironing clothes is one of the most tedious yet necessary tasks for a lot of people around the world. Every household needs an iron to keep their clothing neat and tidy. Conion is an electronics and home appliance solutions based manufacturer. Conion has been in the market in recent years and has been making home appliances of many varieties and types for the mass markets. Conion is known for their sound designs and stylish home products that look and perform very well. Their ranges of products are made with the vision of comfort and optimized performance for the whole household. In that sense, Conion has been putting out appliance products at many global markets with rising interest. They have air conditioners, LED TVs, ovens, washing machines, and a whole range of products for users. Apart from large appliances they have also got many variants of small utility products in their lineup. Their iron range is also included in this

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Conion Iron Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Conion Irons  Price in Bangladesh
Conion YPF-6156 1790 Taka
Conion YPF-635 1000 Taka
Conion YPF-650 1000 Taka


Conion irons have got very compact specifications for the use of ironing. Your clothes are a very important part of your social interactions. Having tiptop creaseless clothes make you a sharp presence. So, Conion puts the most necessary features in their Irons to make sure your creases don’t show. Conion irons of the YPF series puts its concentration on ease of use as well with cordless use technology put in. They also possess spray and steam shot functions for better use of steam in the ironing process. These irons are also protected from overheating to ensure no burnt fabric. There is also ceramic plate underneath with non-sticky features.

Conion irons are made with a special level of care and with a concentration on the protection of fabrics. The YPF series of dry irons ensure that your clothes are always as smooth as possible. Conion has put out very convenient ironing devices with a concentration on safety, performance and also ease of use. Conion continues to bring in new and improved products to make ironing a much smoother experience for users.

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