Conion Fan Price in Bangladesh

Conion is a consumer electronics brand that markets an assortment of home appliances and electrical equipment. For years the brand has preserved their presence in the electric fan market through their excellent products. Conion fans are thought to be some of the best in the market. The fans are made of good quality materials and hardware. They utilize many modern design features that make them durable and reliable. Most of all, Conion fans deliver great value to the customers compared to their prices. Currently, Conion ranks as one of the best brands in the industry.

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Conion Fan Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Conion Fans Price in Bangladesh
Conion Alpha 56" 3200 Taka
Conion Florence 56" 2800 Taka
Conion Sigma 56" 3200 Taka
Conion Signature 56" 3300 Taka


Conion has a sizable collection of fans that stretch across many categories. The brand is especially good when it comes to their ceiling fans. The brand has some great selections in this category that people can find in the market between BDT 2500 and BDT 3500. The fans come with some great design features and function included solely for user comfort. The Ceiling fans have a standard size of 1400mm and come with 3 blades. The motors are of great quality and can work continuously for hours without issues. All the fans operate on 220V of electric voltage, making them compatible with the standard household.

Many of the fans employ energy-saving systems and consume only 75 watts in electricity. These models also come with UHS (Ultra High Speed) technology for better performance compared to other contemporary models. All the ceiling fans from Conion operate with a rotation speed of 320 RPM. Many of the fans also have ribbed Aluminum blades for maximum air displacement. Apart from all the excellent engineering, the fans also come in an assortment of colors and designs. Conion also has great post-sale and warranty services. Some great models from the brand include the Conion Ceiling Fan Sigma at BDT 3000 and the Conion Ceiling Fan Alpha at BDT 3200.


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