Creative Headphone Price in Bangladesh

Established in 1981, this company became renowned within a short period. Started its journey from 1981 placed the headquarter in Singapore now has five subsidiary offices in respective countries. The primary objective is to plot, create an allocation of automated audio and visual boards. Their business motive has assembled to serve the most exclusive headsets.

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Creative Headphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Creative Headphones Price in Bangladesh
Creative Sound Blaster Jam 3,800 Taka
Creative HS-330 900 Taka
Creative HS 390 1,200 Taka
Creative Sound Blaster Blaze 3,300 Taka


The first thing to notice of its headphones is their creative design. As mentioned earlier, they are strongly positioned for headphones, so they are deliberately pivoted to make their products unique. Unlike the existing brands, they have made the headset areas looking more attractive and fancy. Added to the technological portion they have put a touchpad area, by using it, a user can change the song, raise volumes and dial numbers. Mostly their headphones are wireless, easy to carry and add with any sort of device.

As their name refers, the brand represents a creative outlook. Their products are enriched with innovative technology too. They have been using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which enables you to build up an association between two compatible gadgets by basically tapping them together. Unlike the Bluetooth system, you don't need to pair with other devices anymore. It has taken the process just in a click.

Among its creation, the most recent one is "Creative Aurvana ANC Lightweight, Powerful Active Noise-cancelling Foldable Headphones with Microphone" offering the clearest audio system. These are very convenient for gaming and professional purposes. It should be added that there are more products which have created a hype includes mentionable "Creative Outlier Black Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones." The price radius moves between 3,000 to 15,000 BDT. But the valuation process somewhat alters as the company itself has not set a price bar for reselling cost yet. In term of price and quality, product creative would a stylish choice.


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