Crown Micro Mouse Price in Bangladesh

CrownMicro is a peripheral manufacturing company that mostly sells their products in the Asian markets. CrownMicro manufactures a wide range of keyboards, both gaming and non-gaming, but mostly non-gaming.

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CrownMicro Mouse Price List in Bangladesh

Latest CrownMicro Mouses Price in Bangladesh
Crown Micro CMW-956W 600 Taka


CrownMicro’s lineup of mouse offers a ton of variety to choose. They offer mouse with different form factors, different connectivity options, and different aesthetics. They have both gaming and non-gamin models available. The main lineup of mice they manufacture is their CMM and CMXG lineup.
All the non-gaming mouse that CrownMicro manufactures falls under their CMM lineup. The CMM lineup of mouse feature a great number of mouse and the features and aesthetics differ from model to model. Some models in the CMM lineup come with a minimalistic look, which is an excellent fit for the office environment. Some models also come with a unique look. It is due to the patterns and designs printed on the shell of the mouse, but these designs may seem quite tacky to many people. The CMM lineup also has models that feature wireless connectivity with 2.4GHz technology.
The gaming mouse that CrownMicro manufactures all fall under their CMXG lineup. The CMXG lineup of mouses has quite unique appearances that vary from mouse to mouse. While the look of these mouses makes them look very gaming-oriented, they might look tacky to people with minimalistic tastes. Most of the mouse featured in this lineup is LED illumination, and some models even come with special features such as an adjustable weight system. So that people can tune the weight of the mouse to their liking. Most models also come with programmable buttons, and these buttons can be programmed to do certain tasks that can be both useful in gaming and productivity.
CrownMicro offers a huge number of the mouse to choose from. But while some of their mouse looks quite good, some models look quite tacky and no that aesthetically pleasing.

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