Crown Micro Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

CrownMicro is a peripheral manufacturing company that mostly sells their products in the Asian markets. CrownMicro manufactures a wide range of keyboards, both gaming and non-gaming, but mostly non-gaming. CrownMicro’s main keyboard lineups are their CMK and CMMK lineups. These keyboards have the traditional keyboard look and feel to them with some models featuring a bit more stylish designs.

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CrownMicro Keyboard Price List in Bangladesh

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Most of CrownMicro’s offerings come with a wired connection, but they also make a few wireless models. Most of the keyboards feature normal keycaps with some models featuring lower profile keycaps and a much more compact size to look more stylish and elegant. Add to the list of features in certain models; backlights are available. So that they can be easier to type within the dark and at the same time also look beautiful. Most models that CrownMicro manufacturers come with additional multi-media keys. Their content consumption can be made quite hassle-free while a few specific models also come with wrist rests on providing more comfort while typing.
Coming to the gaming side, CrownMicro doesn’t actually have that man offerings to begin. They provide a couple of entry-level gaming models. All the models come with additional multi-media keys and have wired connections. Certain models are spill-resistant so that they don’t get ruined if water or any sort of drink is accidentally spilled on them. Backlighting is present in some models, but the lighting is not RGB. The gaming keyboards have programmable macro buttons. They can be assigned to do a specific task, and this helps in both gaming and in some cases, productivity as well.
CrownMicro provides a huge catalog to choose from their non-gaming keyboard lineups. They deliver good quality, but their gaming lineup is quite disappointing as it doesn’t have much to offer.

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