Daikin AC Price in Bangladesh

Daikin is a Japanese multinational (HVAC) brand. The brand specializes in hi-tech and premium air conditioning solutions for personal and industrial use.

Daikin has a well-established reputation of manufacturing some of the best air conditioners in the market. Their products are known for their quality, durability, and reliability.

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Daikin AC Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Daikin Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh

Each Daikin product comes with the reassurance and inherent excellence of Japanese engineering and technology. Alongside their excellent build quality, the ACs also incorporate eye-catching and captivating designs. Today Daikin has rightfully claimed one of the leading position in the air condition industry.

Daikin started its journey in the year 1924 and currently operates out of Osaka, Japan. The brand serves a global customer base that spans over 30 countries. Daikin has an especially great collection in the split AC department. The brand markets product both in the 1.5 Tons and 2.0 Tons capacity.

For a majority of the brand’s products, pricing starts at around BDT 50000 and moves as high as BDT 90000. The BTU in the 1.5 and 2.0 Ton category ranges from 18000 to 24000, making them operational in any weather condition. The products are designed in Japan and incorporate a wide range of useful functions & features.

The ACs use eco-friendly technology resulting in a minimum carbon footprint. The units are all very efficient and are capable of cooling down rooms in mere moments. Biofilters ensure a constant supply of clean, germfree, and hygienic air for the room. Multi directional air flow facilitates cold air flow all across the room in an even manner.

The ACs are also very easy to maintain and come with standard auto on/off and turbo mode functions. Daikin also has excellent customer service and warranty policies to go hand in hand with their excellent products. Some popular models from the brand include the Daikin FT20JXV1 1.5 Tons Split AC at BDT 58000 and the Daikin FT25JXV1 2.0 Tons Split AC at BDT 60000.

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