Dell Laptop Price in Bangladesh

Dell is an American multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, United States. It primarily develops and sells computers, servers and laptops. Known for its innovation and extensive selection, Dell makes laptops of almost every kind. For years Dell has been providing its mainstream consumers with sturdy and reliable machines that match their counterparts in all respects. Dell has a tradition of producing laptops that are aggressively priced and suit the customer’s needs.

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Dell Laptop Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Dell Laptop  Price  in Bangladesh
Dell Vostro 15581 15.6" 83500 Taka
Dell 15-3573 15.6" 24400 Taka
Dell 15-3581 15.6" 39000 Taka
Dell 14-3462 14" 25000 Taka
Dell 14-3473 14" 29000 Taka

Today it is counted among the top laptop brands that are leading the industry in terms of cutting-edge design and technology.Dell was founded as a Computer hardware manufacturer and vendor in 1984. It has been making computers and servers throughout its exitance but its laptop business really took off after 2009 with some significant acquisitions and mergers.

Dell offers almost all kinds of laptops imaginable within its multiple laptop series. Dell Inspiron & 2 in 1 laptop series is dedicated to everyday use and convertible laptops.  XPS Laptop series is Dell’s high-performance laptop line. Dell G series laptops are exclusively for heavy gaming whereas the Alienware line is for VR gaming. Dell Inspiron Chromebook series laptops are built for web connectivity and Chrome OS. The brand has a versatile price range beginning at around BDT 25000 and going up to BDT 205000. Most of Dell’s laptops come in size ranging within 13-16 inches and weight within 1.5-3 kg. The operating system for most Dell laptops is Windows OS with some incorporating DOS and Linux.

In terms of processors, most products have Intel Core (i3, i5, i7, i9) processors. Many gaming laptops have AMD processors. Some laptops also have Intel Celeron and Pentium processors. Dell laptops provide Dual, Quad and Hexa Core CPU with speed ranging between 1.5GHz and 3GHz. In regards to screen resolution, most Dell laptops offer either 1366x768 pixel or 1920x1080 pixel with many models having a touch screen interface. RAM in Dell laptops ranges from 4GB to 32GB for its top of the line gaming laptops. Storage space for traditional hard disc range from 320GB to 2TB. Many Dell models utilize SSD storage which can range up to 512GB.

Dell laptops have battery life ranging from 3 hours to 12 hours. People can find good Dell models at almost every price range imaginable. At the lower end, we have the DELL Vostro 3568 7th gen Core i3 and DELL Inspiron n3467 7th gen i3 laptop within the price bracket of around BDT 40000. For the mid-level price range Dell has its Inspiron 5567 7th gen Core i7, Dell Vostro 5568 7th gen Core i5, Dell Vostro 5471 Core i5 8th gen and Dell Vostro 5468 7th gen Core i5. All of these models come within BDT 55000 and BDT 70000. Dell Vostro 5471 8th gen Core i7 and Dell XPS 13-9360 Core i7 7th gen are compelling models costing from BDT 90000 to around BDT 136000. For 2 in 1 laptop Dell has its XPS 15-9575 Core i7 touchscreen Ultrabook and Dell XPS 15-9575 Core i7 4K (3840x1960) Touchscreen Ultrabook Consecutively costing around BDT 155000 and BDT 205000.

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