Dell Mouse Price in Bangladesh

Dell is also known as Dell Inc, which is a United States-based multinational company. Dell was founded in 1984 and is named after its founder Michael Dell, which mainly operates in the computer hardware industry is one of the industry leaders. This company is one of the largest in the world in terms of technological corporations.
Dell is known for developing, selling, repairing, and supporting products and services related to computers. Dell is mostly popular for their Personal Computer (Desktops, Laptops) lineups and even their monitor lineup. Dell also manufactures other PC peripherals as well, and among them are mice and keyboards.

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Dell Mouse Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Dell Mouses Price in Bangladesh
Dell MS116 350 Taka
Dell AW558 3000 Taka
Dell MS111 450 Taka
Dell WM126 650 Taka


Dell offers both gaming and non-gaming mouse. Coming to the non-gaming site first, Dell offers mouses that have a very simple and traditional outlook. The simple outlook of these mouses makes them a great fit for the office environment. Dell’s non-gaming lineup of mouses is mostly wireless. Their premier wireless mouse features a very sleek and modern design, which makes it stand out in terms of appearance. It features that make it great for productivity as well.
In terms of a gaming mouse, Dell doesn’t have much to offer. All their gaming products are featured under their Alienware brand, and their gaming mouses are no different. Alienware’s top tier mouse, which is the Alienware Elite gaming mouse. It features a PixArt optical sensor that can go up to 12000 DPI, redesigned side grips that improve the overall grip of the mouse, and also has RGB lighting with AlienFX. In terms of lower-tier mouse, they offer the Alienware advanced gaming mouse, which features a 5000 DPI optical sensor, 9 customizable buttons, and features RGB lighting with AlienFX.
Dell’s lineup of the mouse is not huge, but they offer mouses, which are reliable. Especially, their non-gaming mouses are stylish and great for productivity, but their lineup of gaming mice is not that great.

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