Delonghi Room Heater Price in Bangladesh

Delonghi is a very well known brand for making home appliances. There are appliances that we know and use on a daily basis like refrigerators, ovens, and televisions. But there are others like coffee makers, room heaters, air conditioners and more which enhance our lifestyle very much. We don’t face new inconveniences with these products in our home.

Delonghi products are designed in such a way that they raise your standard of living while being uncompromising in the pursuit of convenience. 

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Delonghi Room Heater Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Delonghi Room Heaters
Price in Bangladesh
Delonghi TRDS4 1025E 18,000 Taka
Delonghi TRRS 1225 16,000 Taka
Delonghi TCH 8993ER 14,000 Taka
Delonghi DCH5090ER 5,900 Taka
Delonghi TCH7091ER 8,900 Taka


Delonghi has a very well adept line of room heaters. Their specialization lies with ceramic heaters. Delonghi designs its products based around some principals/ Sustainability of the environment is a big theme in its product design. Delonghi room heaters are no exception to that philosophy. Delonghi heaters follow a specification that minimizes damage to the environment. Eco-friendly design is always maintained in the room heaters. Room heaters have dust filters for seamless use. They each have control panels to perfectly control room heat and temperature. Delonghi heaters also have economy mode installed in them to ensure minimal power consumption.

Delonghi heaters brilliantly control the room heat to give you a comfortable day indoors. Their designs match comfort and control to a very ample extent. The power-saving and economy modes ensure customers bills do not rise to an unacceptable level. With these aspects and more, Delonghi room heaters bring balance to customer’s homes and enhance lifestyle

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