Donlim Microwave Oven Price in Bangladesh

Donlim is a well-known Chinese brand that manufactures and markets many home appliances and consumer electronics. The brand has been providing its consumers with several high-quality ovens for quite many years. The ovens from the brand are known for their reliability and durability. 

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Donlim Oven Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Donlim Ovens Price in Bangladesh
Donlim 23UX 10000 Taka
Donlim TO9612 6500 Taka


The brand maintains a high standard in terms of quality ad design that goes a long wat in boosting customer confidence in its products. The ovens are also manufactured to be very affordable, adding to their lucrativeness. All of these factors have made Donlim into a major player in the oven market

The brand started its operations back in 1980 as a domestic Chinese company but soon grew to become a major exporter of home appliances. Currently, the brand serves its customers with a good collection of ovens in the 20 to 30 liters capacity range. The pricing of the models start at a modest BDT 10000 and continue up to around BDT 20000.

Most of the models have a power output of around 800 watts with optimum performance at the 220-240V voltage range. The ovens come with tempered & dual concealed glass doors that are 100% ray leak protected. The doors are also equipped with durable and easy to use pull handles. The ovens come with an individual grill and defrost function and multiple power levels for performing different operations.

The models also come with Digital displays with some ovens also using regulator control knob for time and temperature selection. The ovens come with different size glass turntables based on model capacity. Other common functions include a clock, end function signal as well as preset menu options. The exteriors of the ovens incorporate stylish and modern looks that would suit any kitchen interior. A popular model from the brand is the Donlim 23UX09 -23L Microwave Oven at around BDT 11000.

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