Donlim Iron Price in Bangladesh

Donlim is a brand of home appliances based in China. Donlim is a part of Xinbao Holdings. Xinbao holdings have been in business since the year 1995 and have been involved in multiple companies within China. But, Xinabao’s brand of home appliances would officially start production from the year 2010. Since then the home appliance wing of Xinbao has been branded as Donlim. Donlim has been providing a whole arsenal of home appliance products in the Chinese market with a very strong product line and consists of products with multiple use cases. Donlim’s has kitchen products like toasters, fryers, coffee machines. They also have food processors like cutters and blenders. Apart from these cooking and kitchen items, they also provide solutions for cleaning and homecare as well. Within that range, they have Donlim’s Ironing range.

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Donlim Iron Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Donlim Irons Price in Bangladesh
Donlim EC1655 2700 Taka
Donlim DDI225 780 Taka
Donlim Ec1666 2700 Taka


As you can see, Donlim basically makes products in the small home appliance range. Small home appliances are very crucial part of the home set up as they will be used on a very regular basis for important uses. Irons are certainly these types of items. Donlim provides irons that have many features, and their ironing range is the EC range of products. Their irons have steam, spray, dry functions, and automatic clean functions. There is constant steam for better ironing. The Spray and steam controls are easy to tinker for the users. Donlim irons have special heat controls for special fabrics. They are also very easy to handle with the special grip and pivoting power cable.

Donlim irons are designed for everyday use. They are not cheap out on performance as they provide high creaseless ironing at home. Donlim irons are easy to handle and also easy use with great controls. Donlim has crafted the EC range of irons with not only ease of use but also adequate performance.

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