Duranta Bicycle Price in Bangladesh

Duranta, a Bangladeshi brand, is leading in the market all over the country. This brand exports bicycle also in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Austria, and Germany. This brand started exporting from 2015, affiliated with RFL Group. This brand has different types of bicycle. This brand also produces other accessories of a bicycle. It maintains the quality of products and supplies them.

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Duranta Bicycle Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Duranta Bicycles Price in Bangladesh
Duranta Allan Everest 26 10,975 Taka
Duranta Allan Hunter 26 19,515 Taka
Duranta Allan Marvel 26 19,580 Taka
Duranta angelina Ladies 26 6,890 Taka
Duranta Avenger Gents 26 7,065 Taka
Duranta CB Ryan 12 5,121 Taka


Duranta has all types of bicycles for people of all ages. From kids bicycle to classic general bicycles. In rural areas, traditional general bicycles are so popular. In this segment, Duranta has five bicycles. Price ranges from 6,710 to 8,415 BDT. Available models are Duranta Master Gents 26, Duranta Durjoy, Duranta Classic, Duranta Durjoy 26, Duranta Classic 28. Two of the models has 26-inch wheels. So, you can get a suitable one for you. Duranta has one road bike name Duranta Allan Furious 700C which costs 14,700 BDT.

Duranta has a few models of general bicycles. This type is suitable for young people. Some of them have gears. In very reasonable price the bicycles are available. The price range starts from 7,000 BDT. In this price, you can get Duranta Knight 26. You can spend up to 9,500 BDT in this segment for Duranta Gladiator. There are more models in this segment. For kids, Duranta has a lot of bicycles. With a great look, some of them are for girls, and some models are for growing up kids. Within 5,000 BDT to 6,100 BDT, you can get a suitable bicycle for any kid.

In the MTB segment to get a bicycle, you have to pay 9,090 BDT for the basic one Duranta Muscular. You can spend up to 19,515 BDT for Duranta Allan Hunter. Besides these, Duranta has more BTB bicycles. For ladies, Duranta has Duranta Angelina costing 6,890 BDT and Duranta Dola in 7,500 BDT.

Duranta has a unique bicycle named Duranta CB E-Fury. This one is an e-bike. You can ride it as a mountain bicycle and also as an electric bicycle. This awesome bicycle costs 70,730 BDT.

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