Eco+ AC Price in Bangladesh

ECO+ is a well-established electronics brand in Bangladesh. The brand deals in many home electronics products, including Air Conditioners. ECO+ is known to have the best ACs in the market in terms of performance and price. The brand also has a long-standing record of excellent customer care and service. Currently, ECO+ is counted among the top AC brands in the country.

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Eco+ AC Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Eco+ Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
Eco+ RAC-18JDR1 51,350 Taka
Eco+ RAC -18CRN1 52,400 Taka
Eco+ RAC-24JDR1 65,000 Taka
Eco+ RAC-18E1FZ 65,000 Taka
Eco+ RAC -24CRN1 66,000 Taka


ECO+ mostly deals in the split AC category with products ranging from 1.0 Ton to 2.0 Tons. The brand maintains a sizable collection of models that also cover a good range of price. ECO+ ACs are at the same time of high quality and affordable with most products costing between BDT 35000 and BDT 75000. Prices for 1.0 and 1.5 Ton Ac can range from BDT 35000 to around BDT 60000 depending on the unit’s BTU. The models of BTU in this category are roughly between 12000 and 18000. ECO+ 2.0 Ton AC can cost upwards of 62000, and the average BTU in that category is around 22000. The common cooling range of the ACs is from 170 to 300, making them able to handle the hottest days.

Some standard features in the brand’s ACs include a 4-way swing, low indoor noise level, copper condensers, Easy/Auto Cleaning, Self-Diagnosis, and Auto Protection and LED display. All ECO+ Air Conditioners come with Quick and Easy Installation. Additionally, some models come with energy-efficient cooling systems that can save up to 50% in electricity use.

Higher-end models also come with 2-way drainage and refrigerant leakage detector. ECO+ ACs regularly come with a 3-years compressor and 1-year parts & service warranty. Some popular models from the brand are the Eco+ 1 Ton RAC-12CS/IA Smart Cool Air Conditioner at BDT 38000 and the Eco+ 2 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner-RAC-22F3A4 at around BDT 74000.

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