Edifier Earphone Price in Bangladesh

Most of the time, a music lover prefer earphone for listening to music. A good quality earphone is required for better sound quality. We need to choose the right earphone to get a pleasant experience. If you are looking for a good quality earphone, then you can check out the brand Edifier. This brand has some great earphone available in the various price range.

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Edifier Earphone Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Edifier Earphones Price in Bangladesh
Edifier Hi-Fi H210 500 Taka
Edifier P185 800 Taka
Edifier P210 800 Taka
Edifier Hi-Fi H190 1000 Taka
Edifier P190 1200 Taka


If you want an earphone in a low price range, then you go for the Edifier Hi-Fi H210. This earphone is excellent in sound it has a simple outlook. It has different colors also as like red, black, white, and sky-blue. Wire of this earphone is durable and strong. Price of this earphone is 550 BDT approximately. If you want something better, then you can check out Edifier P185 which costs around 800 BDT. This earphone has a metallic outlook with a nice color combination. It has a microphone in the wire which will help you to talk on the phone calls. It has two color combinations, and they are blue with black and silver with black.

In the same price range, for spending 800 BDT, you can buy Edifier P210 also, which is a little bit different. This one is with earbud, which makes the outer noiseless. You can enjoy music without any disturbance with it. It has a phone receiving driver also, which is very helpful. In 1000 BDT you can buy Edifier Hi-Fi H190 which is a very premium looking earphone with awesome sound quality. Length of the cable of this earphone is 1.3 meter, which is pretty good. Controlling driver with microphone of this phone is 15mm in length. In 1200 BDT you can buy Edifier P190, which is another great earphone from this brand.

If you want a wireless earphone from this brand, then you can go for Edifier W293BT which is Bluetooth earphone. This earphone is very small in size and easy to carry. You can use it for 8 hours after a full charge, and this earphone is fully waterproof.

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