Esonic Monitor Price in Bangladesh

Esonic is a Chinese brand, which mostly known for manufacturing motherboards. Esonic is a growing company that started off 13 years ago in China. Currently, Esonic has started with more advanced equipment, more than 600 workers, and good financial support to become more famous in China. Esonic has also started to ship their products in America, South East Asia, America, the Middle East, and Europe. Esonic is trying to expand their business in the global markets even more. Even though Esonic mostly manufactures motherboards and all-in-one PCs, they also manufacture a few models of monitors.

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Esonic Monitor Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Esonic Monitors Price in Bangladesh
Esonic 19" 5000 Taka
Esonic 17" 3500 Taka


These monitors are budget-friendly and at the same time, provide enough workability to get any normal work done that does not require a high-performance monitor. The size of the monitors ranges from 14 inches to 19 inches. Even if they don’t have the best panels quality, they offer FHD and 768p resolution. Esonic also makes a square monitor, which has a 1:1 aspect ratio and a 1024p resolution.

Esonic is a rising company that is trying to bring their product to the global market. Their monitors are a budget-friendly option to get the job done in need of a monitor.

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