Fantech Earphone Price in Bangladesh

Earphone or headphone has become a vital thing for us. Most of the people use this thing almost every day. If you are willing to get a good headphone, then you must choose a good brand. FANTECH is a brand which has some awesome headphones and earphones.

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Fantech Earphone Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Fantech Earphones Price in Bangladesh 
Fantech EG1 1,300 Taka


This brand has now only one model of earphone available in the market. It is FANTECH EG1, which is very cool looking. This earphone has a 1.3-meter-long wire, 3.5 mm jack and 10 mm speaker. The specialty of this earphone is that it is made for mobile gaming. Price of this earphone is 1300 BDT approximately. To use in computers, this brand has FANTECH HG2, which is the cheapest from this brand, and it costs 500 BDT. It has a noise-canceling super clear microphone which is a very good feature.

If you want something at a higher price, then you can go for FANTECH HG7 Visage Gaming Headset which costs 1100 BDT. This headphone has USV connector and 3.5 mm jack also. In 1200 BDT you can get FANTECH RGB HG17 which is also a good headphone with LED lighting in it. This one also has USB connector as well as 3.5 mm jack. More mid-range headphones from this brand are FANTECH HG 12 full-size around-ear, HG13, HG4, HG8. The price range varies from 1200 to 1500 BDT approximately.

Headphones with more premium look and performance from this brand are HG9 Captain, MH81 SCOUT GAMING, HG16 Advance, HG15 True, HG14 Captain, HG10 Captain. The price range varies from 2000- 2500 BDT for these headphones. They are very comfortable for foam used in them. You can adjust the size, which is convenient for you. They have crystal clear sound and noise cancelation microphone. Most of them have LED lighting to make them look attractive. You can choose any of them as they all are outstanding in performance.

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