Fantech Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

Fantech is an Indonesian company that was established in the year 2006 who manufactures computer accessories and peripherals. There also demanded computer accessories and peripherals in the Indonesian markets. Fantech was established to fulfill the demands of the consumers. With the development of eSports, especially in Indonesian markets, Fantech has made it their focus to provide quality gaming gear in the markets.The keyboards manufactured by Fantech are gaming-oriented, and their keyboards have a distinct look. So that people can recognize that these are gear made, especially for gaming. Though they are mostly gaming-oriented, that doesn’t mean they can’t be used for anything except gaming. They work fine for any other use case a keyboard might have, but offices are the one place where it might look very out of place.

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Fantech Keyboard Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Fantech Keyboards Price in Bangladesh
Fantech KX-302 2300 Taka
Fantech MK851 6500 Taka
Fantech MVP861 4200 Taka
Fantech K613 1500 Taka
Fantech K512 1600 Taka


Fantech makes both mechanical and membrane keyboards. The membrane keyboards fall under their K series of keyboards, which are quite robust, with some models featuring a very solid build quality. Most of the K series keyboards feature RGB lighting with just one exception in the lower tier models that features rainbow illumination. They also have ten-keyless versions of some models which they call tournament edition.
Coming to the mechanical keyboards, they fall under their MK series. These keyboards mostly feature two types of mechanical switches the blue switches and the brown switches. The MK series keyboards also feature RGB lighting with one exception that doesn’t feature RGB but features rainbow illumination. The MK series keyboards also have the very good build quality, and one model also has a tournament edition for that small form factor look.
Fantech offers a range of different keyboards that come with different features for people looking for different things. Fantech keyboards are a good choice for people looking for well-rounded keyboards with the good build quality.

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