Fujitsu Tab Price in Bangladesh

Fujitsu is a Japanese company which operates in the field of Information and communication technology is the world's fifth-largest IT services provider. It was 1935 when this great tech company was established. This company has a wide range of products and services in its showcase. They manufacture and sell computer and computer peripherals, laptops, tablets, and many more smart appliance products. Their huge range of products and their creative and talented workforce are the main secrets behind their vast popularity and fame. Fujitsu has always been crafting fine, and innovative products for their customers, and this feature has attracted millions of users to them.

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Fujitsu Tab Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Fujitsu Tabs  Price in Bangladesh
Fujitsu Q550 101,000 Taka
Fujitsu Lifebook TH701 181,500 Taka
Fujitsu Arrows Tab F-02F 28,800 Taka
Fujitsu Stylistic M532 60,500 Taka


If we talk about expertise and experience, then Fujitsu is one of the best ones. They are one of the oldest PC and computer manufacturer companies. As far as it is concerned about tablets, they have more than 20 years of experience in it.  They are still upgrading and updating their tablet's features every day. The tables they make are actually made for enterprise, whereas they are designed for the consumers.

The tablets that Fujitsu make can be widely used from personal to business purpose. Whatever the needs you have, Fujitsu always has something to offer. Fujitsu has two flagship brands under their tablet's category, and the brands are STYLISTIC and LIFEBOOK. There are many models and types of tablets under these two brands. Features of these brands are going to attract your attention. The LIFEBOOK T model can be used as a notebook as well as a tablet.

The names of some most rated and sold tablets of these two brands are Fujitsu Tablet STYLISTIC V727, Fujitsu Tablet STYLISTIC Q738, Fujitsu Tablet LIFEBOOK P727, Fujitsu Tablet LIFEBOOK T937, and many more. In a word, Fujitsu has got all types of tablets that you might need. 

If we look at the prices of the tablets, then it is easily evident that they are offering high-quality products at a very affordable and competitive price. Fujitsu has a very good strategy of setting prices at different levels so that everyone can afford and use their products. The prices of the tablets Fujitsu offer starts from BDT 15,000 to more than a lack. They have different prices of tablets within this price range.

One of the highest-rated tabs of Fujitsu, LIFEBOOK T4220 is BDT 24,000, and Fujitsu Q702 is BDT 48,500. The prices that are given here or given by Fujitsu may vary as they don't set the reselling prices. But the best part about Fujitsu is that it sells quality products at a price where everyone can use them.

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