Genius Mouse Price in Bangladesh

The Genius is an international brand for computer and mobile peripherals that was created in 1985 by a Taiwan based company named KYE Systems Corp. Genius products are mostly very popular in Asian markets. The peripherals made by Genius are meant to be more budget-friendly and at the same time, tries to deliver their best for the price.
Genius has a lot of different mice under their arsenal. They manufacture mouse with different form factors, connectivity options, and features to appeal to people with different needs. They also offer gaming-oriented mice that fall under their GX Gaming brand.

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Genius Mouse Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Genius Mouses Price in Bangladesh
Genius Maurus X 8000 Taka
Genius MINI NAVIGATOR 5000 Taka
Genius Tarveler 1000 Taka


The main lineup of the mouse offered by Genius is their DX, ECO, Micro Traveler, and NX lineups. The DX lineup of the mouse features a wired connection, which has a simple and minimalistic look to them. The simple look of these mouses makes them very suitable for office environments. The NX lineup is their mouse that features a wireless connection. The NX series of the mouse has a very colorful aesthetic. They come in a variety of different colors so that they can appeal to people who are looking for a mouse that doesn’t look very bland. The ECO lineup also features mice with wireless connections, but these come with an eco-friendly rechargeable battery. The Micro Traveler lineup features mouse has a very compact form factor. So that they can be very portable and these are especially good for people who need to use their computer on the go. The Micro Traveler lineup also has a wireless connection and has rechargeable batteries.
GX Gaming is the Gaming oriented brand of Genius. The main lineup of the mouse that they have is their Scorpion M and X lineup. These mouses come with features like programmable buttons, and some models also come with a dedicated button to change DPI on the fly.
Genius manufactures a wide variety of mice for people with different needs and tastes. They offer reliable mice for money.

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