Genius Headphone Price in Bangladesh

It is said that time changes everything and as well as the demand. With the progression of time and technology, peoples’ demand has shifted to another level on every products and service. Same goes for headphones. Not only for hearing sounds rather, people now want to feel every beat of the music. It has created a vast amount of headphone brands in the market, and when there are too many options people often get deviated and struggle to find the right product from the available.

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Genius Headphone Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Genius Headphones Price in Bangladesh
Genius HS-200C 400 Taka
Genius HS-300N 525 Taka
Genius HS-04SU 800 Taka
Genius HS-05A 700 Taka
Genius HS-G500V 1,600 Taka


Since the starting of the 21st-century people observe many headphone brands arriving in the market and devotedly trying to hold a huge market share. The same thing goes for these companies too. They have to brawl with each other to gain the market. During this period, few names got a sensational retaliation from people as they were successful to meet the demand. One of the names is “Genius.” This Taiwan based company started its journey in 1985. They have never lost their focus from a specific point of view, and that is quality.

Whenever people talk about Genius’ product, initially few names come up in front. One of them is “Lychas 7.1 USB Gaming Headset HS-G680”. With large 50mm drives and RED backlight, it represents a stunning look while using. Creative design and adjustable microphone make it more convenient for any kind of business communication-related motive. This overall package is very much affordable and priced 4,000 BDT. To catch the eye of the gamers Genius introduces “Gaming Headsets HS G500V”. Adjustable leather headband along with wide microphone makes it extremely flexible for you. These actually enable to have control and give the command while using, priced relatively cheaper 2,000 BDT. Basically, the headphones of Genius are mostly available between 2,000 to 5,000 BDT. It can vary a bit as the company hasn’t set any authorized price level for the resellers.  



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