GIGABYTE Mouse Price in Bangladesh

Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. is a computer hardware manufacturer and distributor based in Taiwan and is headquartered in New Taipei, Taiwan, California, and the United States. The company was founded in the year 1986 by Pei-Chen Yeh. Gigabyte ranked 17th in the list of Taiwan’s top 20 global brands in the year 2010. They make a wide range of products that starts from PC air coolers to computer peripherals and even notebooks.

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Gigabyte Mouse Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Gigabyte Mouses Price in Bangladesh
Gigabyte M3 2100 Taka
Gigabyte Xm-300 3900 Taka


When it comes to the mouse that Gigabyte manufactures are mostly centered around gaming. Gigabyte doesn’t have a lot of offerings, but the models that they offer are certainly competent. The main lineups that Gigabyte has in terms of mice are their Aorus, M, and XM lineup. The M lineup of mouse is their entry-level mouse, and this is the only lineup that Gigabyte has that isn’t gaming oriented. The XM lineup is Gigabyte’s mid-tier lineup of a gaming mouse. The XM300 features an optical sensor that can go up to 6400DPI, which has Teflon feet and an ergonomic design for a better experience. It also has RGB lighting along with Omron switches, which makes this mouse very durable and long-lasting. The Aorus lineup is Gigabyte’s highest-end lineup. The Aorus M5 is one of Gigabyte’s higher-tier offering, which is most suited for FPs gaming, which features a Pixart optical sensor with real 16000DPI. It has an adjustable weight system so that that the weight and balance can be tuned according to the user’s preference. It is also fully programmable and features OMRON switches, which makes them very durable. The Aorus M7 is Gigabyte’s highest-end gaming mouse that is designed for MMORPG games and comes with 16 fully programmable buttons and an 8200DPI laser sensor along with OMRON switches.
Gigabyte has a versatile range of mouse, and while they offer great gaming mouse, they don’t offer much in terms of the non-gaming mouse.

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