GPX Bike Price in Bangladesh

If you are looking for a unique bike that is rarely seen on the road, then, you have to choose a unique brand. In Bangladesh, many new brands are selling their bikes. Most of the brands are from other countries, and GPX is one of them. This brand from Thailand has many bikes. But in Bangladesh, the brand has two bikes available. Both of them are unique.

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GPX Bike Price list in Bangladesh 

Latest GPX Bikes  Price in Bangladesh
GPX Demon 150GR
2,60,000 Taka
GPX Legend 150S  2,50,000 Taka


The brand has GPX Demon 150GR in the sports segment. This beautifully faired sportbike has a 149cc air-cooled engine. This bike is actually a minibike. It is smaller than usual bikes but bot that much. But the sporty look of the bike is so eye-catchy. The bike has six gears and upside-down suspension in the front and mono suspension in the rear. In the brake segment, it has disc brake both in front and rear. The kick-starting system is missing in this bike. You can only start it electrically. The price of this bike is 3,00,000 BDT approximately.

For Café Racer lovers this brand has GPX Legend 150S. This bike has a 149cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine. The bike has disc brake in the front and drums brake in the rear. The bike has spoken rims. In front, it has telescopic suspension, and in the rear, the bike has double spring suspension. You can start it only electrically. The weight of this bike is 130 kg, and the price of this bike is 2,99,000 BDT. The bike has a nice classic look. In Bangladesh, many people, especially the young generation, are moving toward this Café racer category. For them, this bike would be a great attraction. With Mat color, the bike looks more classic. If you want to buy a Café racer, then you can go for this one. But if sportbike attracts you more then GPX Demon 150GR is the perfect bike for you from this brand.


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