Gree AC Price in Bangladesh

Gree is a brand the is synonymous with the HVAC industry. For years the brand has been marketing world-class air conditioners to its customers. Gree ACs are known to be durable, reliable, and affordable. The brand has a well-established tradition of not compromising with the quality of their products. The ACs from the brand are a great mix of good engineering and design. The ACs are also well priced and deliver superior value to the customers. Currently, Gree ranks as one of the top brands in the AC market.


Gree AC Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Gree Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh


Gree was established in 1989 and is at present headquartered at Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. The company market ACs of many categories, including split, cassette, ceiling, and portable ACs. The brand maintains some of the largest collections of AC models in these categories.

The market prices of most Gree ACs tend to start from around BDT 35000 and run as high as BDT 180000 depending on the AC category. The ACs have BTU that ranges from 12000 to 24000 for split ACs and 60000 for ceiling and cassette type ACs. The ACs come with wide-angle louvers and multi fan speeds for better cooling. The ACs also have self-diagnosis to detect any internal errors.

Most of the ACs have a timer, turbo button, and clock display for convenience. The ACs are also equipped with air filters to supply clean and fresh air to the room. The filters are removable and washable for convenient and hassle-free maintenance. Some of the other features in Gree ACs include LED display, Memory function, Ultra-quiet operations, Lock, Low voltage start-up and intelligent defrosting.

Gree has some of the best and most eye-catching AC designs that are sure to complement the looks of any room. The brand also boasts an excellent cervice and warranty record. Some great models from the brand include the GREE GS-12CT Cozy Trendy – 1 Ton Split AC at BDT 40000 and the GREE GSH-24LM LOMO – 2 Ton Split AC ( Hot and Cool) at BDT 68000.

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