Gree Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Gree is one of the most well-established refrigerator brands in the world today. For years, the brand has been marketing world-class refrigerators to its customers for home and commercial use. Gree refrigerators are known for their durability, reliability as well as affordability. The brand has a well-known tradition of not compromising with the quality and customer compliance of their products. The refrigerators from the brand have a great mix of top-notch engineering and design. The refrigerators are reasonably priced and deliver superior value to the customers compared to most other brands in the market. Currently, Gree ranks as one of the top brands in the refrigerator market.

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Gree Fridge Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Gree Fridges Price in Bangladesh
Gree GRF-658 135000 Taka
Gree GDRF-450 50000 Taka
Gree GDRF-300 44000 Taka
Gree GDRF-278 36000 Taka
Gree GDRF-240 39000 Taka


The brand was first established in 1989 and is presently headquartered in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. Although it was a local company at the beginning, it quickly went global and now has operations across the planet. Gree has a massive collection of top-mounted, bottom-mounted, side by side, and 50-50 type refrigerators to choose from. The refrigerators usually come between 200 and 700-liters. The modes have price tags that begin at around BDT 22000 and run up to around BDT 140000 in most cases. Most models come with high-efficiency wire type evaporators for better cooling. The intelligent invertor compressors are eco-friendly, energy-saving, and operate with very low noise. Models also incorporate micro hole foaming technology and full range temperature control for more convenient use. Some models have multi-directional airflow, as well as multi-air duct with bevel angles. 

The higher-end models also come with additional features such as high-efficiency fin evaporators and overturn shelf feature. All the new models from the brand come with a glass door finish that adds on an extra level of beauty to the refrigerators. Some popular models from the brand include the Gree GDRF-226G and the Gree GRF-658WPGB.


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