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Haiko is a well-established consumer electronics brand that deals in numerous home appliance categories. The brand has had a prominent presence in the AC industry for many years. Haiko has made a name for itself through marketing reliable and affordable air conditioners. They have a good collection of ACs that can go toe to toe with any other brand out there. Haiko ACs distinguish themselves through their quality, reliability, and affordability. The products also incorporate stylish and original designs which are suitable for use at both home and office. Currently, Haiko is a very popular and trusted brand in the AC market.

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Haiko AC Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Haiko Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh


Haiko specializes in the Split AC categories with extensive selections in the 1.0 Ton, 1.5 Tons, 2.0 Tons, and 2.5 Tons capacity units. The brand has always aimed to serve the masses. This moto stands true for their pricing strategy as well. Haiko ACs starts from BDT 33000 and move as high as BDT 60000.

Depending on the unit capacity, the BTU of the ACs can range from 14000 to 30000, making them able to cope with all weather conditions. The ACs have an average cooling range from 190 to 300. Haiko ACs have a number of useful and handy functions, include in their cutting edge designs. The ACs have 4 in 1 air filters built into the indoor units.

These filters use the HAIKO Multi-Layer air purifying technology that ensures clean, hygienic, and germ-free airflow inside the room. The ACs have a Quiet function that maximizes comfort. The horizontal and vertical auto swing facilitate long-distance airflow across the entire room.

The ACs are energy efficient and use much less electricity compared to other contemporary ACs in the market. Auto on/off functions is also available in all Haiko ACs. Some popular models from the brand include the Haiko 1.0 Ton HS-12FWM Split AC at BDT 33000 and the Haiko 2.5 Ton HS-30MSAF Split AC at BDT 59000.

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