Haiko TV Price in Bangladesh

Haiko is a famous consumer electronics brand that has produced a variety of products under its name. Within its vast portfolio there is TV, Fridge, Air Condition and Iron. Haiko has made a name for itself with its high-quality televisions. Their selections may be limited when compared to its competitors but when it comes to Haiko the quality makes up for the quantity. Today Haiko is one of the popular television brands that has served many thousands of happy customers.

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Haiko TV Price List in Banglades

Latest  Haiko Televisions Price in Bangladesh
Haiko Hl32 32" 23000 Taka
Haiko Hl40 40" 34000 Taka
Haiko Hl19 19" 12000 Taka
Haiko Hl32dc98u 32" 19000 Taka
Haiko Hl24 24" 16000 Taka


Haiko speciality is in its top of the line basic LED televisions that the brand regularly markets. A very defining characteristics of the brand is its willingness to market its products with a diverse colour scheme. Haiko also has curved screen LED televisions to its name.

Competing in the lower middle range of televisions the brand has been mostly successful in their product pricing. The brand serves a specific and straightforward part of the pricing spectrum where most of its product can be purchased between BDT 20000 and BDT 32000. Almost all its product in the market today use LED displays of different screen resolution.

The models also come equipped with your standard HDMI, USB and VGA ports. A unique model for the brand is the Haiko HL32DC98U - 32" - Full HD LED TV. Coming with a 32-inch curved LED HD display this model has superior sound and picture quality compared to its alternatives in the market. USB, VGA, and HDMI ports are also included. This model is justly priced at around BDT 20000.

A similar model in terms of price is the Haiko HL32DC98U - 32" - Full HD LED TV. With an ultra-slim 32-inch Full HD LED display and built-in speakers this model is perfectly suited to fulfill all your television needs. A good example from the top tier is the Haiko HL40ES3BAS-40"-HD LED TV. Boasting a large 40-inch HD LED display, built-in dual speakers and an assortment of USB, HDMI and VGA ports this model can go toe to toe with any other rival model out there. This model is priced at around BDT 30000.


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