Haojue Bike Price in Bangladesh

In the whole world, there are many motorbike brands. They are from many countries. From China, there are many leading motorbike companies. Haojue is one of the biggest motorbike brands from China. This brand is popular all over the world, and they supply bikes in more than seventy countries. Even in Japan, the USA, Australia, bikes from this brand are available. In 1992 this brand started its journey. Now it is the top brand in China and ruling the bike market in many countries. Bangladesh is a country where you can find many bike users. In cities, the number of bikers is even more.

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Haojue Bike Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Haojue Bikes  Price in Bangladesh
Haojue TR 150
1,44,000 Taka
Haojue TZ
1,30,000 Taka
Haojue KA 135
1,22,000 Taka
Haojue Lindy
1,30,000 Taka
Haojue Cool
1,27,000 Taka


This popular brand has some models available in Bangladesh.

In the 150cc segment, this brand has a nice cruiser bike available here in Bangladesh. It is Haojue TR 150. This bike has a 149cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine. The engine of this bike can generate 8.3 KW power @ 8000rpm and 11.4 Nm torque @ 6000rpm. The top speed of the bike is about 110 km per hour, and the mileage of the bike is about 50 km per liter. The bike has both electric and kicks starting system. It has five gears and only a single disc brake in the front. In rear-wheel it has drum brake. It has telescopic suspension in the front and twin shock suspension in the rear. The bike has a smart look with three available colors. Especially it has an engine guard which made it more beautiful. The price of this bike is 1,44,000 BDT which is so reasonable as a cruiser bike. This is a smart option for cruiser lovers. But if you want cruiser at less price, then this brand has another option for you. It is Haojue TZ which is a 135cc bike. This one is actually a semi cruiser bike. The top speed of this one is 100 km per hour, and the mileage of this bike is even more. The mileage of this bike is about 60 km per liter. It has disc brake in the front and drums brake in the rear, and the price of this bike is 1,30,000 BDT. This bike has a classic look. For classic bike lovers, this one is preferable.


If you are looking for a standard bike, this brand has options for you. Haojue Cool is a 150cc commuter sportbike from this brand. The air-cooled, single-cylinder engine of this bike can generate 8.4KW power @ 8,000RPM and 11.3NM torque @ 6,000RPM. The top speed of this bike is 95 km per hour approximately. The mileage of this bike is pretty cool. It runs 50 km per one-liter fuel. This bike has five gears. It has a kick-starting system along with an electric starting system. The bike has alloy rims, and in front, it has a disc brake. The price of this bike is 1,27,000 BDT approximately. The bike has a smart look with an engine guard and pillion grab rail. In the 135cc segment, another cool commuter bike from this brand is Haojue KA 135. It costs 1,22,000 BDT.   of the engine is not bad.

It can produce 8.0 KW power @ 8000rpm and 10.5Nm torque @ 6000rpm. The top speed of the bike is the same as Haojue Cool 150, and it is 95 km per hour. The mileage of the bike is more than Haojue Cool. The mileage of this bike is about 60 km per liter. This one also has five gears and disc brake only in the front. The weight of this bike is 126 kg. At this reasonable price, the brand provided an electric starting system as well as a kick-starting system. In the engine, it can contain one-liter engine oil. The bike can carry 12-liter fuel. The bike has a split seat which enhanced the look. Within this price, the bike is a great invention from this brand.

For scooter lovers and ladies, this brand has a beautiful scooter. The name of the scooter is Haojue Lindy. This scooter has a 125cc, air-cooled engine. The engine can produce 5.0 KW power @ 7,500 rpm and 8.0 Nm torque @ 4,500 rpm. Claimed top speed of this scooter is 80 km per hour and mileage is 55 km per liter approximately. The weight of the scooter is 107 kg which is good. It has four gears in it. In the braking segment, the scooter has a disc brake in the front and drum brake in the rear. With all these great features the scooter costs 1,25,000 BDT approximately.

This brand has more awesome models. But they are not available in Bangladesh right now. Hopefully, they will be available very soon. In Bangladesh, the cc permit is increased from 150 to 165. Very soon   HAOJUE DR 160S will be available in the bike market of Bangladesh. This is an awesome bike, stylish look and powerful engine. If you want to buy an updated and new model, then you can wait for it. But if you need a bike right now, you can choose one from the models mentioned above.


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