Havells Iron Price in Bangladesh

Havells is a fast-moving electronic goods manufacturer based in India. It has a global presence operating at various markets all across the globe. Havells has been in the electronic appliances and parts manufacturing industry for a long while and has enjoyed success. In the evening Havells concentrated their efforts on the switch, boards and wire market with concentration on electronic parts and home wiring rather than whole appliances. But in time they have moved towards consumer appliances and homecare products. Currently, they have added a line of appliances with their traditional products. They are also the parent company of crabtree, Lloyd and Standard. Their product line now includes fans, lighting, small home appliances, switchgear, water heaters, cables, air coolers, water pumps, personal grooming appliances, water purifiers, and solar panels. They also provide products for industrial uses such as fans, switches, solar gear, and professional lighting products. Under their consumer appliance range, they also have a wide range of ironing products.

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Havells Iron Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Havells Irons  Price in Bangladesh
Havells GHGS 2200 Taka


Havells has always put a special level of importance on providing enough variety for the customers. There is no exception in the case of the ironing products as well. They currently offer 7 ranges of ironing products which are Adore, Ora, Era, Evo, Evolin, Jio, and Insta series. These are mostly Dry Irons with some spraying and steaming facilities. There are varying features. The Eva and Era line of products concentrate on different types of fabrics like cotton and silk. The adore range has a special coating to help with smooth ironing. There are flexible and 360-degree cords for easy usage. The heat control and special controls give Havells irons control over the heating process.

Havells has provided a very diverse range of irons in its ironing range with added specific features to specific devices according to customer uses. Thus Havells brings variety and utility in one place with its ironing range of products.

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