Havit Microphone Price in Bangladesh

Guangzhou Havit technology co.Ltd, mostly known as Havit is a Chinese company which has established itself as a best stylish electronic brand. This company was founded in the year 1998, and from the very beginning, they started to manufacture quality products for the consumer. They serve not only the B2C market but also the B2B market. Their products have got the stylish design along with durability and performance, which has made it favorite brand among the people of China. Havit has moved to the international arena recently in the year 2017. And as they entered the global market, they got a good response from the customers all over the world.

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Havit Microphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Havit Microphones Price in Bangladesh
Havit M60 290 Taka
Havit M80 370 Taka
Havit M83 450 Taka


Havit has employed 80 agents and distributors all around the world who make sure that every product of Havit is appropriately distributed. High quality, better customer support, great distribution systems are the main reasons for its success. 

If we look at Havit then we can see an enriched product line including mouse, keyboard, speakers, laptop cooler, USB Hub, accessories, charger, and headphones. Among their products, microphones are one of the best ones. There is a reason behind this, and that is most of the microphone has got headphone too. So you will get not only the microphone but also headphone at the same price. It gave them a competitive advantage.

If we gather the overall information from the customers and market, then it can be said that the most popular microphones of Havit are Havit HV-H91, HV-ZH1300, HV-N608 and HV-N5085. The above mentioned first two models are the combination of headphone and microphone, whereas the next two models are microphone attached with webcam. On the other hand, Havit M60 mini microphone and HV-M80 are the models which are of traditional features. So Havit is such a brand which has got all types of products. 

The price range of Havit microphone is reasonable, it can be clearly said that they are everyone's brand. Every class of people can afford their products. If we have a look at the microphone's price, then the price range starts from BDT 350 to more than BDT 5000. But the retail price is not fixed by the brand. So the price may vary a little place to place and shop to shop. The price of the most sold microphone M60 is around BDT 350 and HV-M80 is around BDT 700. The variations in products and the affordability have made Havit a brand which products are used by almost everyone.

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